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In the first step toward success on your project we will insist on a thorough brand analysis. We will ask a lot of questions to determine where, what, and how you feel that your brand is perceived. This analysis is designed to help us understand your current brand and the context surrounding it. The process may reveal a strong and vibrant brand…


The completion of our brand analysis process will have answered some key questions but it will only open the door to additional questions. What is the main goal on this project? What is the best way to achieve the goal? How quickly can we get there? Our next step is to develop a strategy to fit the uniqueness of your brand. Many of our clients…


This is the step in the Dignitas Labs process that most of our clients want to skip to. Our strategies will eradicate or scale down the damage being caused by negative search results and posts that rank highly on searches for your company, brand names or important individuals associated with your organization. Removing the offending…

This part is the easiest and quite often the most fun! Every individual or business has very positive elements that exist online. In this step we take those positive things and reinforce them. We will leverage existing social media channels, review sites, blogs and more to increase communication …

Our reputation monitoring service is an important part of our holistic process. It grants you the comfort that a group of experts is watching over your brand, allowing you to target the other crucial aspects of your business. We will provide you reports and alerts on how your brand is …

Each client and each project will be unique and have a distinct time frame that we outline for success. Our guarantee is pretty self-explanatory.We guarantee that you will see results or we will do the work for free. Our guarantee is so solid and so simple, you should enjoy this random fact. …




Why PR Agencies Shouldn’t Be “All Things to Everyone”

[smart_track_player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/prexecutive/Drew_Porcello_Master.mp3″ title=”10: Why PR Agencies Shouldn’t Be “All Things to Everyone”” social=”true” social_twitter=”true” social_facebook=”true” social_linkedin=”true” ] There are some unique things you can do to position your PR agency appropriately. One of those is to not be a full-service marketing agency. It may be unwise to be all things to everyone: instead, you really [...]

09 August
The Ten Commandments of Reputation Management

To effectively sell, you have to believe in your brand and truly believe your products can work for everyone. However, not everyone is going to love what you’re selling. The realization that you are not going to win over everyone is the first step in managing your online reputation, handling criticism and protecting your brand. [...]

17 January
Why Google Hates You

The internet can be a scary place. Yes, your business would probably wither away without it but that may happen anyway if Google decides to remove you from their index. Or perhaps you’ll get lucky and just end up with a shudder-worthy online reputation that you just can’t seem to shake off. These two scenarios [...]

22 February