Business Reputation

When prospective employees, customers, or clients are searching for your business online, what do they find on the first page of Google? A negative review or Rip Off Report could be a deal-breaker. In a perfect world, people find a news report telling the story of your tremendous growth in the industry, as well as links to your social media channels and blog posts. Sometimes getting those positive links and stories to outshine the isolated negative report is more complicated than you might think.

Our business reputation management services are all about painting your business and brand in the best possible light. Reputation management should be a core component of your overall marketing strategy, making all your other marketing efforts that much easier and more successful. An effective reputation management strategy results in increased organic lead generation, more web referrals, increased ROI for your marketing efforts, and ultimately, more time for you to focus on running your business.

If you’re in the market for reputation management services, you’ve likely experienced one of the following business frustrations:

  • Recent litigation broadcast online
  • Personal scandals of employees or executives
  • Product defects that resulted in injury or loss of life
  • Product recalls
  • Environmental violation(s)
  • Accusations of fraud
  • Bad online reviews from customers


Take Control

So what do you need to do to manage and maintain your online presence?

Claim your channels – You need to have a brand channel on all of the major social media and review platforms that your customers may use to research your organization.

Survey the landscape – You can’t improve that which you do not know. Do your homework and research your online reputation so you understand the obstacles and opportunities for improvement.

Ask for help – Loyal customers are your biggest asset and best brand advocates. Let them spread the word for you, which is an essential component of any successful reputation management campaign.

Join the conversation – Reputation management requires engaging in a public dialog. Monitor your channels frequently and welcome public feedback from your customers. Respond promptly and politely.

Do your homework- The digital landscape is always changing, and your marketing and reputation strategy has to adapt quickly if you want to succeed.

Communicate with your staff – Every employee needs to know about the company’s reputation goals and how they fit into them.

When done correctly, reputation management for your business should create more time for you to focus on what you do best, not give you extra things to do. That’s why we offer innovative solutions designed to accommodate your busy life.

Key Components of Our Business Reputation Management Services

  • Optimization of your website to help it rank higher in local search results
  • Social media management to curate and publish local, relevant content and connect your business to your community
  • Custom review requests that solicits feedback from your customers before they’re tempted to leave an angry review online.
  • Automated alerts to keep you informed about business mentions industry happenings
  • Turn-key solutions: let our team do the heavy lifting! We’ll worry about your reputation so you don’t have to!

Reputation management can be complicated. Knowing where to spend your time and energy to generate the best results is no easy task. That’s why our team of experts performs a comprehensive brand audit before making any recommendations.

Most of your reputation consists of what other people believe about your brand. Review sites and endorsements from other people are the cornerstones of any successful online strategy. Here are some things we consider when we build your reputation management strategy:

Local Search Results – More often than not, Google dictates your online reputation, and online searches influence purchasing behavior 86% of the time! Search engines determine the display results geographically based on the quantity and quality of authoritative sources like social media, review sites, business listings, and news articles. Ideally, all of these channels tell the same story about your business. We’ll ensure consistency across all sites.

Update Your Profiles – If you don’t have control of your review and social media profiles, we’ll help you gain access as quickly as possible, making sure all your contact information is up to date. If you don’t have someone maintaining the channels we’ll publish to them on your behalf.

Edit For Consistency – Make sure your business name, address, and phone number appear exactly the same way across all your social media channels and other websites. Consistency is key! Google is easily confused, so we’ll help people find you by ensuring all your listings display the same way.

Review Sites – These days, people are quick to complain about an experience, and take to the internet to make sure their voice is heard. A powerful Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Facebook review profile is critical when potential customers research your brand. Reviews must be authentic, honest, and legitimate, and we’ll help you get them.

Respond with Respect – Despite your best efforts, some customer is likely to less a less-than-stellar review about your business. We’ll show potential customers that you care by responding to negative reviews, explaining your side of the story, and working with you to resolve the customer’s concerns.

Engage Online – Social media has increasingly become a platform to seek immediate response for questions and concerns. When your customers contact them through comments and private messages on social media, be timely in responding to them. We’ll provide thoughtful answers to ensure your clients feel heard.

Customer Surveys – Surveys can be a great way to head off negative feedback before it hits the internet! Perhaps more importantly, surveys make customers feel important and connect them to your brand, making them feel invested in your success. Our customer feedback and survey tool is a great way to build your reviews and deal with complaints before they hit the Internet.


Ready to get started?

Does all of this sound a bit overwhelming? We’re here to help. Reputation builds a competitive advantage, and it’s there whether you manage it or not. You’re better off joining the conversation than you are letting it happen around you. Organizations that do not manage their reputations will have it managed for them by competitors, critics, and frustrated customers.

Reputation management is a process, not an event. Let us help you manage your process. Give us a call to get started today.

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