Personal Search

Personal Search

You’ve heard it before, and it’s still true. You only get one chance to make a first impression. More often than not, search results are creating that impression for you.

If you are applying for college, interviewing for a new job, or going on a blind date, chances are good the other party is headed straight to a search engine before they even meet you. With over 80,000 searches performed every day, it’s become even easier to find the information everyone wants to know before entering a personal or professional relationship with someone. And let’s be honest, we likely all have something in our past we’d prefer to leave behind, even if it’s just big hair and neon clothes from the 1980’s

It can be difficult to remove an unwanted photo or story after it hits the Internet, and we believe you deserve the opportunity to put your best foot forward and take control of your personal online presence. Individuals have a variety of platforms at their fingertips to voice their concerns about a particular person or interaction. If your search results reveal something you’d rather not shout to the world, our team of reputation management experts can help!

We can help improve your personal search results with a comprehensive strategy that may include:

  • Eliminating undesirable photos
  • Removing unwanted information
  • Challenging inaccurate or defamatory online content
  • Shifting attention away from negative press
  • Initiating a campaign to increase positive press
  • Contacting Google with a request for content removal
  • Managing your personal Wiki page
  • Ghostwriting blogs and articles
  • Frequently updating status posts across relevant social channels
  • Building a centralized hub for all personal information
  • Claiming your domain name
  • Providing a consistent name identity across all platforms
  • Setting up alerts related to your name
  • Updating privacy settings across all platforms
  • Creating an online ecosystem of relevant and accurate information
  • Developing an editorial calendar for blog posts, social media updates, etc
  • Monitoring online review sites
  • Providing keyword research to help you manage your profiles yourself
  • Participating in relevant online conversations and forums

Everyone wants good search results, but reputation management can be especially critical for doctors, attorneys, business owners, celebrities and high-level executives. For these people, Google can make or break a professional career and have a considerable economic impact. It’s imperative that individuals in these professions appear honest and trustworthy. Sometimes, one misstep online is all it takes to unravel a lifetime of hard work. Recent cyber attacks leaking personal information has brought attention to the critical need for reputation management.

Other reasons you might need professional assistance with personal reputation management:

Mistaken Identity: Has Google mistaken you for a criminal or even worse, a drug dealer? Very few people have a name that’s unique. While the government can tell everyone apart by assigned numbers, Google cannot. If someone with your same name has a bad reputation online, it could be damaging you both personally and professionally.

Totally Correct Identity: We all make mistakes. If your embarrassing missteps were splashed across the internet when the latest website was hacked, it’s time to do some damage control.

Misunderstood Identity: The internet is a big place, and much of it is out of our control. Perhaps someone has tagged you in an unflattering photo, or someone from a previous relationship chooses to share personal details in a one-sided blog post. Regardless of the situation, we’ll help improve your search results even when the root of the problem is not your fault.

Completing a detailed audit of the situation is the first step in reputation rehabilitation. Our expert team will provide a thorough report of their findings and a strategy for improving search results. Depending on the situation, the plan may include one or more of the following tactics:

Remove Damaging Links – Whenever possible, our team of digital experts will work to remove links tied to your name that are hurting your reputation on the most popular search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Create a Positive Image – The rise of social media has increasingly given the power to the people to make their opinions widely known. And doesn’t everyone love a good scandal? (Everyone except the people in the middle of it!) Taking control of your online image helps your reputation in search engines. We’ll build social and professional profiles across multiple platforms that help suppress negative links and push them down in the search results.

Maintain Your Digital Presence – Feeding the internet with high-quality content connected to your personal profile in essential in managing your online reputation. We provide blog articles, social media updates, and press releases to keep positive content at the top of the search engine results.

Google is not your friend. The search giant frequently updates their ranking algorithm to provide what they deem to be the best “user” experience. Last year alone, our team noticed over 500 changes that affected website rankings. That’s far too many updates for a non-industry individual to process.

While Google typically stays pretty tight-lipped about their updates and changes, they have admitted that getting the content you want people to see to outrank content you don’t want people to see is essential. We’re uniquely equipped with years of search engine optimization experience to get that done. What appears on page one of the search results today may not appear on page one tomorrow. It’s important to monitor your personal brand and reputation continuously. Improvements in the search results can generally be seen in 60-90 days after launching a comprehensive campaign. Ready to get started?! We’re confident our expert team can help, so give us a call today. Let’s take control of your online reputation before it takes control of you.