Review Monitoring

Do you know what people are saying about you online?

Have you stumbled on your first negative review? Or maybe you’re all too familiar with the negative effects of ignoring the online conversation surrounding your brand…

Whether you are interested in improving your personal or business reputation on the web, you need the right tactics and tools to achieve the best results. This is why many individuals and business are turning to our professional review monitoring services to give them a much needed edge. If you’re not familiar with this area of reputation management, you’re probably wondering what it entails and if it’s an option you want to utilize. Let’s start by detailing what you can expect from review monitoring services, then we’ll examine why it’s important and how you can use it to your advantage.

Review Monitoring: What to Expect

Monitoring and responding to online reviews and commentary has become a critical component of reputation management.

When you sign up for professional review monitoring services, you gain the benefit of comprehensive experience, specialized tools and a polished online reputation.

Your professional image often comes down what others believe to be true. Whether or not this is accurate, matters less than what is actually being said about you. Social channels and a multitude of other online forums make it possible for anyone to voice their opinion in a very public space. Their words have the potential to be seen by your customers, colleagues, future employers, competitors, investors, and the list goes on.

With the help of review monitoring services you will know exactly what is being said about you online, and you can also rest assured that it is being dealt with in the most effective manner. At Reputation Sumo, we use advanced tools and strategies to track reviews and conversations that are taking place on social channels, forums and websites. We set up notifications to come through and alert us when our tools crawl these sites and report back with new reviews. We are then able to promptly respond to these reviews as a voice for your business.

When we come across negative reviews, we run them by a main contact for the business (project manager, HR, Executive Team Member, etc.) to fine-tune our messaging in a way that reflects your ideal brand voice. Response time typically falls under the 24 to 36 business hour mark, in order to make consumers feel valued and keep undesirable chatter in check. All positive reviews are also responded to within the same time frame.

Now that we’ve outlined the process for dealing with online reviews, let’s take a dive into the ‘why’ behind it all.

Joining The Conversation

So, what are the benefits of monitoring and responding to the digital conversation? And what are the consequences of ignoring it?

The thoughts, opinions and experiences that are being expressed about your company can make or break your business. And trust us, if you neglect to take care of your online reputation, it will often take on a life of it’s own.

A strong online presence has become a critical component for continued success in the business world. When you engage with consumers, and maintain a strong influence over your reputation, you can expect:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • An opportunity to discover untapped markets
  • Enhanced business insight
  • A strong and consistent brand image
  • Customer loyalty and business growth

The above points represent just a few of the advantages that can be gained from professional review monitoring services. Every company has unique potential in this area, and business owners will often experience unanticipated benefits through this process.

If you do not take a proactive approach to managing your brand’s reputation, you are exposing yourself to the following hazards:

  • Losing present and potential customers
  • Becoming a victim of false information
  • Exposing your business to attacks from competitors
  • Gaining a reputation as a bad business partner, employer, etc.

Most consumers are engaging with sources outside of your website and marketing materials to learn about your business. This makes a proactive approach to online reputation management essential for long-term success.

Even if your brand has already suffered from negative reviews and other undesirable digital content, it is still possible to repair and maintain a healthy online reputation.

Transforming Your Online Reputation

Not only are more and more customers turning to review sites to assist them with the buying process — they are also using these sites as search engines to find the products and services they are interested in.

This means that these prospects can be turned off of your business even before they ever develop any real interest.

Thankfully, if you use the right tactics, you can use this trend to work in your favor.

By optimizing your profiles on these review sites, and then monitoring and responding to reviews, you can effectively boost your brand and capture new customers.

You can also achieve these results with social media, which should be monitored just as stringently. When customers mention your brand, comment on your profiles, or send you private messages on social media, they expect timely responses to their questions and concerns. At Reputation Sumo, we understand the significance of these interactions and provide thoughtful responses that make your customers feel heard.

With the use of strategic communication, bad reviews will be replaced by powerful testimonials that bury negative commentary as they promote business growth.

The current state of your online reputation doesn’t have to determine the future of your business. It’s possible to take control and transform your public image to propel you toward your goals. Are you ready to experience the benefits of review monitoring services?