What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management has been around as long as people have cared about their own distinction. It is the practice of monitoring the reputation of a business, brand, or individual and managing it appropriately so that public perception isn’t damaging. While reputation management has typically been a function of public relations, with the emergence of the internet and search engines it has transformed to be mainly monitoring and managing search results.

Have you ever used a search engine like Google and searched yourself to see what comes up?

Recent studies have shown the following behaviors surrounding the search engines:


    • 86% of online U.S. adults have used a search engine like Google to find more information about another person.
    • 75% of online U.S. adults have searched their own name in a search engine. Of those that searched their own name, almost half (48%) said most of the search results about them are not positive; nearly a third (30%) said nothing shows up about them at all.
    • Nearly a third (31%) of online U.S. adults that have searched another person online have looked up a politician. Of those that did, over half said the search influenced their voting decision.
    • Among online U.S. adults that have searched someone else online, 42% have searched someone before doing business with them. Of those that did, 45% have found something that made them decide not to do business.
    • Almost half (43%) of online U.S. adults that have searched someone else online have searched a potential date, significant other, or ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, making romantic searches one of the most common search among U.S. adults.

Given the prevalence of these behaviors and the volume of these searches, it makes sense that online reputation management has such a prominent place in search nowadays.

Reputation Sumo employs scientific methods and tactics that work to manage your online reputation. We pull from the public relations, legal, and SEO industries to analyze, repair, and monitor the reputation that you care so much about.